Solving healthcare workforce issues that can only be solved collectively


Removing barriers and increasing access, together

Workforce Innovation at The Health Collaborative convenes the region’s employers, educators, and community-based organizations regularly throughout the year to solve complex workforce issues.

Together, we create systemic and sustainable change within and across institutions and advance regional and statewide impact on workforce innovation.

If you are a healthcare employer or educator in the state of Ohio, we invite you to get involved.

Please contact Hope Arthur to learn more.

Partnership Workgroups

Each of our partnership workgroups focuses on specific healthcare workforce issues. The Health Collaborative convenes and/or participates in each workgroup to actively share information and initiatives within and across groups, to ensure all workgroups are aware of and have the resources needed for successful outcomes.

Workforce Advisory Council

Focus: increasing the size, diversity and preparedness of the talent pool for entry- to mid-level careers

Since 2002, our Workforce Advisory Council has brought together the region’s health systems and committed collaborative partners representing education, training and community-based organizations to build a more inclusive talent pipeline.

Healthcare Pathways Partners

Focus: improving K-12 healthcare career exploration, pathways and resources

Solutions-oriented educators, administrators, and student-supporting organizations discuss barriers, share strategies, and collaborate on meaningful solutions for improving healthcare career pathways. Learn more.

Regional Career Exploration Coalition

Focus: ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare career exploration opportunities

The Regional Career Exploration Coalition (RCEC) is dedicated to increasing our region’s quality healthcare career exploration options for middle and high school students from all socio-economic backgrounds.

The Talent Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati

Focus: supporting, aligning and strengthening the regional workforce system

The Talent Collaborative convenes the tri-state’s numerous workforce development partners to enhance capacity, promote best practices, develop resources, and promote racial and gender equity across systems.

Southwest Ohio Healthcare Education & Workforce Coalition

Focus: increasing access to healthcare education and valuable work experience

The Southwest Ohio Coalition works to innovate, advocate for, and implement changes to provide more students and adults opportunities to earn in-demand credentials, degrees, and work experience in healthcare.

Ohio Healthcare Workforce Intermediaries Partnership

Focus: collaboration among Ohio’s healthcare workforce intermediaries

Ohio’s healthcare workforce intermediaries meet regularly to share best practices and lessons learned, develop promising practices, and collaborate on statewide concerns.

Ohio Healthcare Education and Workforce Leaders

Focus: improving statewide impact

The Health Collaborative convenes statewide healthcare education and workforce leaders quarterly to share innovative practices, promote regional and statewide collaboration, advocate for smarter regulations, and pursue resources.

Peer-to-Peer Diversity Learning Forum

Focus: increasing diversity, equity and inclusion for our region’s healthcare workforce

This forum brings Chief Diversity Officers and healthcare leaders together to collaborate and share ideas on how our workforce can better represent its communities and to ensure all employees and future talent have equitable opportunities.

Identifying and securing funding

Our work could not be accomplished without funding from local, state and federal grants as well as funding from sponsors and supporters of the work we do to improve healthcare workforce outcomes.

Each year, we identify and pursue a wide and diverse number of grants and funding that represent millions of dollars which we deploy to healthcare workforce initiatives. The funding and grants we have received have enabled us to dig deep into strategies to address nursing shortages, build apprenticeships to increase access to health careers, provide seed funding for quality career exploration programs, and implement new attraction and retention strategies.

Hamilton County grant to expand nursing programs

The Health Collaborative was a critical partner in Cincinnati State receiving a $1.5M grant from Hamilton County that will allow Cincinnati State to serve up to 100 more nursing students per year. With current nursing workforce shortages at a critical level, this is a huge win for the college, our healthcare employers, and the Greater Cincinnati community.

The Health Collaborative will be working closely with our employers over the next 2 years as they prepare to provide preceptors and clinical sites to ensure the additional students’ success.