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Healthcare workforce data from The Health Collaborative

For more than two decades, The Health Collaborative has been collecting and analyzing healthcare workforce data in the Cincinnati region to help healthcare employers make informed workforce decisions.

We publish two Employer Workforce Survey reports each year that reveal current data on the health systems’ workforce vacancies and retirement rates, along with age distributions for key positions.

These bi-annual reports provide us and our regional partners with value-driven data to inform and align healthcare workforce development efforts, evaluate progress, and to meet future demand.

2023 Employer Workforce Survey highlights

In our 2022 year end survey, our regional health systems’ vacancy rates remain very high. Our survey shows a vacancy rate of 10.4% for total health care organization positions, down just .1% compared to the 10.5% vacancy rate in 2021.

Greater Cincinnati Health System Year End Vacancy Rates

Health system vacancy rates

A healthy vacancy rate for our health systems is about 5%. However, among Cincinnati’s regional hospitals, a record 22 different job titles show vacancy rates exceeding 10% at the end of 2022. An additional five job titles report vacancy rates of 8-10%.

This data informs where to prioritize efforts to reduce vacancy rates and fill critical workforce gaps.

Registered nurse vacancy rates

Registered nurses saw a continued increase in the full-time vacancy rate to 14.4%, which is up from 13.7% in 2021. This is the highest RN vacancy rate in Greater Cincinnati since 2003. Additionally, the average-time-to-fill for registered nurses across all health systems in Greater Cincinnati was 85 days, significantly higher than the 2021 figure of 64 days.

The growing deficit in nurses continues to fuel The Health Collaborative’s workforce efforts, including our regional and statewide efforts to reduce the deficit of this critical healthcare position.

Additional data surveys for healthcare members

The Health Collaborative is the only source that provides clinical compensation data specifically for Greater Cincinnati. This data enables our members to make the proper compensation, benefits, and recruiting decisions, while also maintaining a robust total rewards program

Members interested in learning how we can help your compensation and benefits teams, please reach out to Jason Bubenhofer for more information.

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