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Peer-to-Peer Diversity Learning Forum

THE HEALTH COLLABORATIVE’S Peer-to-Peer Diversity Learning Forum brings healthcare leaders together to collaborate on how to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in our regional workforce. Launched in 2016, our forum members collectively share ideas on how to move Greater Cincinnati’s healthcare workforce to better represent the communities it serves and ensure all employees and future talent have equitable opportunities. If you’re a health system member of The Health Collaborative and want to get involved, reach out to JASON BUBENHOFERfor more information.






Annual Healthcare Workforce Report

Each year, THE HEALTH COLLABORATIVE publishes two key workforce surveys that share current data on vacancies, employee age, and retirements in the Greater Cincinnati region. Highlighting current and future workforce needs and trends, these reports provide us and our regional employers with value-driven data to inform and align workforce development efforts, evaluate progress, and grow to meet future demands.

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Questions? Reach out to  JASON BUBENHOFER for more information.




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Additional Data Surveys for members

THE HEALTH COLLABORATIVE is a leading provider in local and regional workforce data, enabling our members to make the proper compensation, benefits, and recruiting decisions, while also maintaining a robust total rewards program. For more than two decades, we have been the only source that provides clinical compensation data specifically for the Greater Cincinnati market. Members interested in hearing how we can help your compensation and benefits team, reach out to  JASON BUBENHOFER for information on current survey packages.